2020年3月18日 -史蒂芬·沃尔夫勒manbet万博app姆

We’re pleased that despite the coronavirus pandemic and its impact on so many people and businesses we’re still able to launch today as planned… (Thanks to our dedicated team and the fact that remote working has been part of our company for decades…)


It’s always an interesting time. We’re getting ready to wrap up a .1 version—to release the latest fruits of our research and development efforts. “Is it going to be a big release?”, I wonder. Of course, I know we’ve done a lot of work since we发布版本12.0去年四月。所有这些设计评审(许多livestreamed). All those new things we’ve built and figured out.

But then we start actually makingthe list for the new version。和OMG-它的推移和。不同的团队兑现这个或那个项目启动X年前。被添加了这方面的一个新功能。有关于一些新的创新。等等。

We started this journey athird of a century ago when we began the development of Version 1.0。And after all these years, it’s amazing how the energy of each new release seems to be ever greater.

And as we went on makingthe list for Version 12.1我们想知道,“将它实际上是我们最大的0.1版本过的?”。我们终于得到了答案:“是的!而到了很多。”

计数功能并不总是最好的措施,但它是一个指示。而在12.1版本共有都是182 completely new functions- 以及更新和增强了许多数百个。

In Less Than a Year, So Much New: Launching Version 12.1 of Wolfram Language & Mathematica


April 16, 2019 —史蒂芬·沃尔夫勒manbet万博app姆

The Road to Version 12

Today we’re releasing Version 12 ofWolfram Language(和Mathematica) ondesktop platforms,and in theWolfram Cloud。We releasedVersion 11.0 in August 201611.1 in March 201711.2 2017年9月and11.3 in March 2018。It’s a big jump from Version 11.3 to Version 12.0. Altogether there are278 completely new functions,in perhaps 103 areas, together with thousands of different updates across the system:

Version 12 launches today

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April 19, 2018 —乔安娜冠,Strategic Projects, Strategic Initiatives

“告诉我,我忘了。教教我,我记得。包括我和我学习。”- 本杰明·富兰克林


这也许同样容易让人联想起都管不好,例如,太多的PowerPoint演示文稿挤满了比拍摄对象更要点我所经历的最糟糕的演讲;无穷小的文字,只有超人的视力望远镜可以处理;主持人故意慢慢读的每一个字,他们已经被挤到屏幕上,彻底丢失演示文稿的点:即简洁通信interestingideas to an audience.

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2018年4月17日 -Cat Frazier,钨manbet万博app博客项目经理,文档和媒体系统

Introducing the Ultimate Technical Presentation Environment with Live Interactivity

We are delighted to announce that Wolfram’s latest comprehensive notebook technology extension is here. Released with Version 11.3 of Wolfram desktop products,Wolfram Presenter Toolsis the world’s first fully computational presentation environment, seamlessly extending the notebook workflow for easy创建和动态演示文稿和幻灯片的输送,automatically scaled to fit any screen size. Our unique presentation features include rapid stylesheet updating and automatic slide breaking based on cell style.

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2018年3月8日 -史蒂芬·沃尔夫勒manbet万博app姆


去年9月,我们发布11.2版of theWolfram LanguageandMathematica-with各种新的功能,其中包括100多个全新的功能。11.2版是一个很大的释放。但是今天,我们已经有了一个更大的还是释放:11.3版即,除其他事项外,包括nearly 120 completely new functions

This June 23rd it’ll be 30 years since wereleased Version 1.0,and I’m very proud of the fact that we’ve now been able to maintain an accelerating rate of innovation and development for no less than three decades. Critical to this, of course, has been the fact that we use theWolfram Language开发Wolfram语言和确实的manbet万博app事情,我们现在可以在11.3版本中添加最多只是可能的,因为这里我们使用技术的巨大堆栈,我们已经系统地建立了超过30年的。


In addition to all the new functionality in 11.3, there’s a new element to our process. Starting a couple of months ago, we beganlivestreaming internal design review meetings我持有我们带来了11.3版完成。因此,对于那些热衷于“香肠是如何制造”,现在有almost 122hours of recorded meetings, from which you can find out exactly how some of the things you can now see released in Version 11.3 were originally invented. And in this post, I’m going to be linking to specific recorded livestreams relevant to features I’m discussing.

What’s New?

好的,那么怎么在11.3版本的新好了,很多东西。而且,顺便说一句,11.3版今日上都可用desktop(Mac, Windows, Linux) and theWolfram Cloud。(是的,它需要极其平凡的软件工程,管理和质量保证来实现这种同步发布。)

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September 14, 2017 —史蒂芬·沃尔夫勒manbet万博app姆


我今天很高兴地宣布,我们的R&d管道输出的最新消息:11.2版of theWolfram LanguageandMathematica立即对 - 可选桌面上(Mac,Windows和Linux)和云。

It was only this spring that we released版本11.1。But after the summer we’re now ready for another impressive release—with all kinds of additions and enhancements, including 100+ entirely new functions:


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