2020年5月14日 -The WolframAlpha Chemistry Team

Quantum Chemistry: Step-by-Step Chemistry Series

After working our way through化学反应,万博体育app怎么样and结构和键合,我们结束了我们一步一步的化学与量子化学系列。量子化学是应用quantum mechanicsto atoms and molecules in order to understand their properties.

Have you ever wondered why theperiodic table的结构方式是为什么chemical bondsform in the first place? The answers to those questions and many more come from quantum chemistry.Wolfram|Alphaand itsstep-by-step chemistry offeringswon’t make the wave-particle duality any less weird, but they will help you connectchemical propertiesto the underlying quantum mechanical behavior.

The一步一步的解决方案万博体育app怎么样提供逐步指南,可以被视为一个step at a time or all at once while working through a problem. Read on for example problems covering orbital diagrams, frequency and wavelength conversions, and mass-energy equivalence.

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May 8, 2020 —The WolframAlpha Chemistry Team

Structure and Bonding: Step-by-Step Chemistry Series

We’re back this week with morechemistry, to explore molecular structure and bonding withWolfram|Alphaand itsstep-by-step chemistry offerings。阅读更多化学反应and万博体育app怎么样from previous weeks, and join us next week for our final installment on量子化学!

Structure and bonding in chemistry refer to where the atoms in a molecule are and what holds those atoms together. Molecules are held together by chemical bonds between the atoms comprising the molecule. Understanding the interplay between molecular structure and the electrons involved in bonding is what facilitates the design of new molecules, the control of chemical reactions and a better understanding of the molecules around us.

To master structure- and bonding-related calculations, the step-by-step solutions provide stepwise guides that can be viewed one step at a time or all at once. Read on for example problems covering Lewis structures, oxidation numbers and orbital hybridization.

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April 30, 2020 —The WolframAlpha Chemistry Team


Last week, we kicked off a four-part series onWolfram|Alpha’s step-by-step chemistry offerings化学反应。以后的文章将涵盖化学结构和键合along with量子化学。本周我们继续与化学溶液,化学所有类别的另一个基础组件。万博体育app怎么样

From the blood in your veins to the oceans covering the planet, solutions are everywhere! Understanding their chemical properties is essential to sustaining life, creating new materials and treating illness. As such, disciplines ranging from biology to material science to the health professions all must be comfortable doing solution-related computations.

To master such calculations, the step-by-step results provide stepwise guides that can be viewed one step at a time or all at once. Read on for example problems covering solute concentration, solution preparation, pKaand colligative properties.

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April 23, 2020 —The WolframAlpha Chemistry Team


If you’re studying chemistry or are in a discipline requiring chemistry prerequisite courses, then you know how expensive the required textbooks can be. To combat this, the chemical education community has developed open educational resources to provide free chemistry textbooks. However, although free textbooks keep cash in your wallet, they don’t include solution guides for all the homework problems.

幸运的是,Step-by-Step Solutionsfeature ofWolfram|Alpha已经收到了你回来!无论您是远程学习或通过视频会议协作,钨|阿尔法帮助您学习和运用解决问题的框架,化学题。manbet万博app步骤一步解决方案提供的分步溶解指南万博体育app怎么样,可以被视为一次一个步骤或全部一次。不仅磨练高效解决问题的能力,同时也将有助于引导挖掘更深的概念可能仍然低迷。

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2020年2月20日 -Zoe Goldenfeld, 商业分析

15 Ways Wolfram|Alpha Can Help with Your Classes

We all knowWolfram|Alpha是伟大的解决计算和数学题,但不是每个人都知道它提供了有用的数据的广度。我进入大学作为一个主要的生物学和与信息,我不得不记住的量被迅速淹没。课堂授课在快节奏移动,而且往往我的笔记有差距,他们在那里我没有写完下来什么教授在说之前,她移动了。我了深夜的测试使卡片,并通过雅虎拼命寻找答案,试图找到像完全消化系统做什么(提示信息:它“在食物摄取和消化功能;水分和养分的吸收;水,酸,酶,缓冲液和盐的分泌,排泄废物;及储能”-thanks, Wolfram|Alpha!)。

Thinking back on those late-night study sessions, I would have saved a lot of time if I had properly used Wolfram|Alpha as a study tool. Because I was a biology major, many of the areas in which I most frequently sought information were related to scientific fields such as chemistry, but Wolfram|Alpha can be a valuable resource in so many more areas. Here are 15 applications of Wolfram|Alpha in topics beyond mathematics. I hope you will find these to be useful both inside and outside the classroom!

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2019年9月12日 -史蒂芬·沃尔夫勒manbet万博app姆

Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition


Wolfram|Alpha一直是一个巨大的打击了学生。无论是在大学或中学,钨|阿尔法已经成为学生获得解答一个无处不在的方式。manbet万博app但它是一个一次性的过程:学生进入他们要问的问题(说,在数学) and Wolfram|Alpha gives them the (usually richly contextualized) answer. It’s incredibly useful—especially when coupled with itsstep-by-step solutioncapabilities.

但是,如果一个人不希望只是一次性的答案吗?如果一个人想建立(或工作过)的整体计算?好了,这就是我们创建数学and its whole notebook interface to do. And对于超过30年这是怎么了无数的发明和发现已在世界各地制造。这也是如何的更高水平的学生代被教导

但是about students who aren’t ready to use Mathematica yet? What if we could take the power of Mathematica (and what’s now themanbet万博appWolfram语言), but combine it with the ease of Wolfram|Alpha?

好了,这就是我们所做的Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition


July 17, 2019 —Nick Zitzmann,用户界面开发,移动开发

增强的步骤分步解决方案现在在手机上:钨公布|万博体育app怎么样 Alpha的2.0适用于iOSmanbet万博app

Since it was首次推出about十年前,Wolfram|Alphahas been one of the most useful sites on the web. You can use it todo arithmetic, solvedifferential equations, 找出多少卡路里有一个蛋糕, track您当前所在位置附近的飞机, track任何给定的星座, 找出how many runs Ken Griffey Jr. scored in 1995and evenperform calculations that make absolutely no sense

In October 2009, a few months after the website launched, we released Wolfram|Alpha 1.0 for the iPhone. Today, we are announcing the latest evolution in Wolfram|Alpha for your iOS phone or tablet, Version 2.0, which is现在可以在iOS的App Store

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May 18, 2019 —史蒂芬·沃尔夫勒manbet万博app姆

Wolfram|Alpha at 10

沃尔夫勒manbet万博app姆| Alpha的故事

Today it’s 10 years since we launchedWolfram|Alpha。At some level, Wolfram|Alpha is a never-ending project. But it’s had a great first 10 years. It was a unique and surprising achievement when it first arrived, and over its first decade it’s become ever stronger and more unique. It’s found its way into more and more of the fabric of the computational world, both realizing some of the long-term aspirations of artificial intelligence, and defining new directions for what one can expect to be possible. Oh, and by now, a significant fraction of a billion people have used it. And we’ve been able to keep it private and independent, and its主要网站has stayed free and without external advertising.

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December 28, 2018 —史蒂芬·沃尔夫勒manbet万博app姆

Wolfram’s Spikey logo—a flattened rhombic hexecontahedron

Spikeys Everywhere



It comes from a 3D object—a polyhedron that’s called arhombic hexecontahedron:

3D rhombic hexecontahedron

但是is its story, and how did we come to adopt it as our symbol?

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November 13, 2018 —Jesika布鲁克斯, Blog Editor - EduTech, Public Relations

这篇文章最初发表于Tech-Based Teaching,关于计算思维,教育技术和之间的空间博客。而不是优先考虑单一学科,Tech-Based Teachingaims to show how edtech can cultivate learning for all students. Past posts have explored the value of writing in math class, the whys and hows of distant reading and the role of tech in libraries.

据11月份,也被称为全国小说写作月(NaNoWriMo). This annual celebration of all things writerly is the perfect excuse for would-be authors to sit down and start writing. For educators and librarians, NaNoWriMo is a great time to weave creative writing into curricula, be it through short fiction activities, campus groups or library meet-ups.

During NaNoWriMo, authors are typically categorized into two distinct types: pantsers, who “write by the seat of their pants,” and plotters, who are meticulous in their planning. While plotters are likely writing from preplanned outlines, pantsers may need some inspiration.

这就是Wolfram|Alphacomes in handy.


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