2020年6月16日 -Dariia Porechna, Cryptography and Blockchain, Wolfram Language Development

Two Lines of Code to Bulletproof Encryption: Advancements in Cryptography Development in the Wolfram Language

Cryptography functionality在里面Wolfram Language一直在增长显著自从它原是released in Version 10.1。In the最新发布的, we added support for generation and verification of digital signatures for expressions, files and cloud objects; you can encrypt or digitally sign anything—from simple messages to images or code. In order to maintain our users’ security and safety, we base our algorithms onOpenSSLlibraries. While OpenSSL normally requires a great deal of experience to use, integration with the Wolfram Language has made it simple.

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2020年3月30日 -Brian Van Vertloo,文档技术经理,文档和媒体系统

TheWolfram Languageis the culmination of decades of effort, supportingall our products。One reason the Wolfram Language is so easy to use is theWolfram Language & System Documentation Center—unique in that it contains reference information along with tens of thousands of examples that can be edited and run in place (or quickly copied from the web to your notebook).

Werecently released Version 12.1 of the Wolfram Language,有了它,一些新的文档功能和页面类型。With every release, you’ll find an increasing scope of functionality, examples and use cases documented for different fields and applications, presented with an intuitive, user-friendly design.

What's New with Wolfram Docs

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2019年12月18日 -丹尼尔·比格姆,业务系统R&d

When people think about Wolfram technology, corporate enterprise resource management (ERP) isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. It certainly wasn’t our first thought when we started searching for a new solution to manage our own accounting, customer service, licensing and HR needs. But after looking at the current ERP offerings, we found that none of the existing buy-in options did what we wanted.

所以我们认为,why not build our own?

The resulting project has been a revelation. Not only have we built something to our taste, but something fundamentally different: a new architecture, new interfaces, a new approach. Using Wolfram technology has not only made development easier; it has given us a revolutionary new perspective. By leveraging our uniquely powerful technology stack—and integrating it tightly with the existing infrastructure—we’re redefining what an ERP system can be.

We’re Building Our Own ERP System

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June 11, 2019 —Stephen Wolfram


我们是一个令人兴奋的道路上,这些天与Wolfram Language。就在三个星期前,我们推出了免费钨引擎manbet万博app开发to help people integrate the Wolfram Language into large-scale software projects. Now, today, we’re launching theWolfram Function Repositoryto provide an organized platform for functions that are built to extend the Wolfram Language—and we’re opening up the Function Repository for anyone to contribute.

The Wolfram Function Repository is something that’s made possible by the unique nature of the Wolfram Language as not just a programming language, buta full-scale computational language。在传统的编程语言,通常加入显著的新功能包括建立整个库,这可能会或可能不会一起工作。但在Wolfram语言manbet万博app,有这么多已经内置到语言that it’s possible to add significant functionality just by introducing individual new functions—which can immediately integrate into the coherent design of the whole language.

为了得到它开始,我们已经有了532 functions在钨功能库,在manbet万博app26类:

The Wolfram Function Repository


May 21, 2019 —Stephen Wolfram

Why Aren’t You Using Our Technology?

它发生过于频繁。我会跟一个软件开发人员,他们会说他们是多么伟大认为我们的技术,以及它是如何在学校帮助他们这么多,还是做R&d。但后来我就问他们,“那么,你使用Wolfram Languageand its计算智能在生产软件系统?”有时候,答案是肯定的。但很多时候,有一个尴尬的沉默,然后他们会说,“哦,不。我可否?”

免费钨引擎manbet万博app开发I want to make sure the answer to this can always be: “Yes, it’s easy!” And to help achieve that, we’re releasing today the免费钨引擎manbet万博app开发。It’s a full engine for the Wolfram Language, that can be deployed on any system—and called from programs, languages, web servers, or anything.

The Wolfram Engine is the heart of all our products. It’s what implements the Wolfram Language, with all its computational intelligence,算法,knowledgebase, 等等。这就是我们的权力desktop products(includingMathematica), as well as ourcloud platform。It’s what’s insidemanbet万博app钨|阿尔法-as以及越来越多的major production systemsout in the world. And as of today, we’re making it available for anyone to download, for free, to使用他们的软件开发项目

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May 16, 2019
Dorian Birraux, Engine Connectivity Engineering
Arnoud Buzing, Director of Quality and Release Management


TheWolfram Language胃肠道ves programmers aunique computational language与复杂的算法产生巨大的阵列和内置在现实世界的知识。多年来,人们一直问我们如何从其他软件环境和编程语言访问所有我们的技术力量。多年来,我们已经建立了许多这样的连接,如Wolfram CloudConnector for Excel,WSTP(Wolfram Symbolic Transfer Protocol) for C/C++ programs and, of course,焦耳/链接, which provides access to the Wolfram Language directly from Java.

所以今天我们很高兴地正式宣布一个新的,经常被请求的连接,可以让你直接和高效地从Python中调用钨语言:manbet万博appmanbet万博app沃尔弗拉姆客户端库的Python。And, even better, this client library is fully open source as themanbet万博appWolframClientForPython git仓库under the MIT License, so you can clone it and use it any way you see fit.


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May 9, 2019 —Stephen Wolfram



我有时觉得有点斗争来解释一下Wolfram Language真的是。是的,它是一种计算机语言编程语言。而它,在一个独特有效的方式,我想补充-什么标准编程语言做。但是,这只是故事的一小部分。什么我终于认识到是一个实际上应该想到Wolfram语言作为一种完全不同的和新类的话:什么人可以调用manbet万博app计算语言


It’s only recently that I’ve begun to properly internalize just how broad the implications of having a computational language really are—even though, ironically, I’ve spent much of my life engaged precisely in the consuming task of building the world’s only large-scale computational language.

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April 2, 2019 —Jon McLoone, Director, Technical Communication & Strategy

Over the years, I have been asked many times about my opinions on free and open-source software. Sometimes the questions are driven by comparison to some promising or newly fashionable open-source project, sometimes by comparison to a stagnating open-source project and sometimes by the belief that Wolfram technology would be better if it were open source.

At the risk of provoking the fundamentalist end of the open-source community, I thought I would share some of my views in this blog. While there are counterexamples to most of what I have to say, not every point applies to every project, and I am somewhat glossing over the different kinds of “free” and “open,” I hope I have crystallized some key points.

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2018年11月29日 -Parik Kapadia, Algorithms R&D

How does it feel to be an intern at Wolfram?

Most undergraduate college students chase opportunities for internships in New York, Miami, Seattle and particularly San Francisco at very young but large high-tech companies like Uber, Pinterest, Quora, Expedia and similar internet companies. These companies offer the best salaries, perks, bosses, coworkers, catered lunches and other luxurious amenities available in such large cities. You would seldom hear about any of these people pursuing opportunities in small, lesser-known towns like Ames, Iowa, or Laramie, Wyoming—and Champaign, Illinois, wheremanbet万博app沃尔夫勒姆研究is based, is one of those smaller towns.

Many students want to go into computer science, as it’s such a rapidly developing field. They especially want to work in those companies on the West Coast. If you’re in a different field, like natural science, you might think there’s nothing beyond on-campus research for work experience. At Wolfram Research, though, there is.

Working at Wolfram

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August 2, 2018
Aaron Enright高级数据科学家,钨| Alpha的社会经济内容manbet万博app
Eric Weisstein, Senior Researcher, Wolfram|Alpha Scientific Content

TheMathematics Genealogy Project (MGP)is a project dedicated to the compilation of information about all mathematicians of the world, storing this information in a database and exposing it via a web-based search interface. The MGP database contains more than 230,000 mathematicians as of July 2018, and has continued to在尺寸大致呈线性增长since its inception in 1997.

为了使这个数据更加方便和易于计算,我们使用创建的MGP数据的内部版本Wolfram Language实体框架。Using this dataset within the Wolfram Language allows one to easily make computations and visualizations that provide interesting and sometimes unexpected insights into mathematicians and their works. Note that for the time being, these entities are defined only in our private dataset and so are not (yet) available for general use.

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