2019年7月11日 -Jacob Wells, Technical Specialist, European Sales

数学12 Available on the New Raspberry Pi 4


数学12is a major milestone in our journey that has spanned 30 years, significantly extending the reach of Mathematica and introducing a whole array of new features, including significant expansion of数字的,数学几何计算,audio and signal processing,text and language processing,machine learning,神经网络和much more. Version 12 gives Mathematica users new levels of power and effectiveness. With thousands of different updates across the system, and 278 new functions in 103 areas, there is so much to探索

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2019年4月9日 -亚历克Titterton,CBM内容开发经理,欧洲销售



Wolfram and Raspberry Pi join forces

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2018年8月16日 -埃雷兹卡明斯基, Wolfram Technology Specialist, Wolfram Technology Group

在过去的两年中,FOALE AEROSPACE一直在一个令人振奋的旅程打造,旨在帮助创新的基于机器学习系统,防止飞机坠毁了,用什么可能是对任务的树莓派最低调的机器。该系统是销售作为飞机爱好者一个DIY套件,但这些想法它是基于可应用于大型飞机(甚至宇宙飞船!)。

福阿莱航天是航天员的心血结晶麦克博士福阿莱和his daughter Jenna Foale. Mike is a man of many talents (pilot, astrophysicist, entrepreneur) and has spent an amazing 374 days in space! Together with Jenna (who is currently finishing her PhD in computational fluid dynamics), he was able to build a complex machine learning system at minimal cost. All their development work was done in-house, mainly using themanbet万博appWolfram语言在桌面和运行树莓派。福阿莱航空航天公司的系统,它调用Solar Pilot Guard (SPG),是一种太阳能充电探针识别,并有助于防止飞机飞行期间丧失的控制(LOC)事件。使用传感器来检测加速度和空气压力的变化,系统计算每个数据点(在时间上的实例)的概率是在家族(正常飞行)或外的家族(非正常的飞行/可能LOC事件),并通过蓝牙音箱的问题试点的语音命令。该系统采用传统的功能来内插围绕飞机轴的动态压力的变化;然后,通过Wolfram的自动机器学习框架的若干层,它的时候LOmanbet万博appC是迫在眉睫,并指示他们应该采取适当的对策用户评估。

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2018年7月24日 -Jon McLoone,主任,技术交流与战略


A couple of weeks ago我共享一个包从控制的Minecraft的树莓派版数学(无论是在PI或从另一台计算机)。你可以控制很多语言的Minecraft API,但manbet万博appWolfram语言is very well aligned to this task—both because the rich, literate, multiparadigm style of the language makes it great for learning coding, and because its high-level data and computation features let you get exciting results very quickly.


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2018年7月5日 -Jon McLoone,主任,技术交流与战略

在树莓派的标准Raspbian软件自带的基本实现的Minecraft和全面实施manbet万博appWolfram语言。Combining the two provides a fun playground for learning coding. If you are a gamer, you can use the richness of the Wolfram Language to programmatically generate all kinds of interesting structures in the game world, or to add new capabilities to the game. If you are a coder, then you can consider Minecraft just as a fun 3D rendering engine for the output of your code.


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2017年4月27日 -Brett Haines,发布工程师,发布工程


自从之间的伙伴关系树莓派基金会和Wolfram Research的开始manbet万博app,人们一直在兴奋地发现,和经常被-动力和易于使用的惊讶manbet万博appWolfram语言on a树莓派。The Wolfram Language’s utility is expanded even more with the addition of theSense HAT中,模块,使该树莓PI访问到的LED阵列以及环境和运动传感器的集合。这为用户提供了从物理世界的数据读取和显示或简单的一行功能操纵它在Wolfram语言的能力。manbet万博app随着释放数学11, I’ve been working hard to refine functions that connect to the Sense HAT, allowing Mathematica to communicate directly with the device.

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August 26, 2016 —Zach Littrell, Technical Content Writer, Technical Communications and Strategy Group

We are constantly surprised by what fascinating applications and topics Wolfram Language experts are writing about, and we’re happy to again share with you some of these amazing authors’ works. With topics ranging from learning to use themanbet万博appWolfram语言在树莓派用一种新的方法来计算一个开创性的著作,你一定会找到你的兴趣出版物完美。

Getting Started with Wolfram Language and Mathematica for Raspberry Pi, Essentials of Programming in Mathematica, Geospatial Algebraic Computations, Theory and Applications

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2015年7月21日 -艾米莉·休斯,技术作家,技术交流和战略集团

Wolfram Community connects you with users from around the world who are doing fun, innovative, and useful things with the Wolfram Language. From game theory and connected devices to astronomy and design, here are a few posts you won’t want to miss.

Reddit 60-second button

你熟悉的reddit的60秒的按钮?在reddit的实验是,如果它曾经达到零,将消失倒计时。点击一个按钮,给了倒计时60秒。一个社区发帖带来Wolfram语言可视化和分析到Remanbet万博appddit讨论社区的实验,这已经引发了跨越博弈论,社会心理学和统计学的问题。大卫Gathercole开始通过导入数据集从4月3日至5月20日到数学并绘制了一些有趣的发现。See what he discovered and contribute your own ideas

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June 18, 2015 —伯纳特Espigulé - 庞斯, Technical Communications & Strategy Group


我加入了制造商的移动去年,首先使简单的事情,像home alarm system,然后成为一个导师local hackathons在巴塞罗那和建立Wolframmanbet万博app的聚会小组。There is likely an open community of makers that you can join close to where you live; if not, the virtualcommunityis open to everyone. So what are you waiting for? With the树莓派2combined with themanbet万博appWolfram语言,你真的有一个惊人的工具集,你可以用它来制作,补锅匠,和探索。

树莓派2和Wolfram Technologies

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2015年5月1日 -伯纳特Espigulé - 庞斯, Technical Communications & Strategy Group

On Friday, February 20, I had the pleasure of giving a talk to a group of young and smart individuals enlisted to represent Barcelona in the全球城市Datafest。对于这个黑客马拉松,主办方提供了一个树莓派每队以及各种传感器的平台,以捕获物理参数。他们的建议立项课题名单中包括数据采集和激励,监督和管理,保障运输和流动性,环境,等等。本次活动历时三天,由安娜Calveras和何塞普Paradells的帮助下在本地举办Universität大学Politècnica加泰罗尼亚,巴塞罗那市议会,孵化城项目,Urbiotica,IBMmanbet万博app沃尔夫勒姆研究


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