2020年4月9日—艾利·戴维斯, Public Relations Project Manager, Public Relations

Computational Explorations of the Coronavirus on Wolfram Community

当全世界都在苦恼,沃尔弗拉姆用户转向计算!manbet万博app即使在这种全球性流行病之中,钨员工,朋友和同事继续表现出的好奇心计算的力量。manbet万博app我们提供了一个centralized COVID-19 data and resources page, with ways to get free licenses for Wolfram technology through August, livestreamed multiparadigm explorations into the science and data behind the virus, computational explorations from Wolfram users and more. This resource will be continually updated, so make sure to check back often!

我们的工作人员和用户的社区已经令人难以置信的活跃,创造自己的创新资源,并从不同的角度探讨可用的数据。Wolfram Community合才华横溢,经验丰富的数据科学家,生物学家,化学家,供应链专家,流行病学家,数学家,物理学家和更多。最近几周,我们已经看到了活动和探索乱舞,愿意分享想法和信息,以及业内专业人士和高中学生都互相鼓励。

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2019年8月22日 -会发生Smit, Technical Consultant, Wolfram Europe


遵循谁读者Mathematica Stack Exchange(我强烈推荐任何Wolfram Languageuser) may have seen这个帖子最近,我在其中显示的功能我写信让Bayes线性回归容易做到。在完成该功能后,我一直在玩弄它得到的是什么可以做一个更好的手感,以及如何比较对常规拟合算法,例如由使用适合。In this blog post, I don’t want to focus too much on the underlying technicalities (check out myprevious blog post了解更多关于贝叶斯神经网络回归);相反,我会告诉你一些贝叶斯回归的实际应用和解释,并分享了一些令人惊讶的结果,你可以从它那里得到的。

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2019年8月8日 -杰西·弗里德曼, Software Engineer, Engine Connectivity Engineering

Taking the Cerne Abbas Walk

Cerne Abbas Walkis an artwork byRichard Long, in the collection of the泰特现代美术馆在伦敦和在写这篇文章的时间显示。几个龙的作品包括他的散步,一些抽象的和一些具体的地理表示。Cerne Abbas Walkis described by the artist as “a six-day walk over all roads, lanes and double tracks inside a six-mile-wide circle centred on the Giant of Cerne Abbas.” The Tate catalognotesthat “the map shows his route, retracing and re-crossing many roads to stay within a predetermined circle.”


我发现的地理前提Cerne Abbas Walkintriguing, so I decided to replicate it computationally.

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June 20, 2019 —布莱恩·伍德,首席技术作家,文档和媒体系统

Mapping an Ancient Empire

Geocomputation is an indispensable modern tool for analyzing and viewing large-scale data such as population demographics, natural features and political borders. And if you’ve read some of我的其他职位,你可能会说,我喜欢使用地图。近日,Wolfram Community会员:

拜占庭帝国through the years?”

To figure out a solution, we’ll tap into theWolfram Knowledgebase对于一些历史的实体,以及一些高层次的地理计算的和可视化Wolfram Language。Once we’ve created our brand-new function, we’ll submit it to theWolfram Function Repositoryfor anyone to use.


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June 11, 2019 —Stephen Wolfram


我们是一个令人兴奋的道路上,这些天与Wolfram Language。就在三个星期前,我们推出了免费钨引擎manbet万博app开发to help people integrate the Wolfram Language into large-scale software projects. Now, today, we’re launching theWolfram Function Repositoryto provide an organized platform for functions that are built to extend the Wolfram Language—and we’re opening up the Function Repository for anyone to contribute.

The Wolfram Function Repository is something that’s made possible by the unique nature of the Wolfram Language as not just a programming language, buta full-scale computational language。在传统的编程语言,通常加入显著的新功能包括建立整个库,这可能会或可能不会一起工作。但在Wolfram语言manbet万博app,有这么多已经内置到语言that it’s possible to add significant functionality just by introducing individual new functions—which can immediately integrate into the coherent design of the whole language.


The Wolfram Function Repository