June 10, 2020 —Conrad Wolfram欧洲战略总监,首席执行官/创始人,狼ram Research

manbet万博app沃尔夫勒姆研究has always believed in the power of computation to deliver better decisions. But there are two sides to achieving this: not only the best computational technology but also the best education for computational thinking.

After more than 15 years of conceptualising the idea, 10 years of build-out and 2 years of writing and editing, I have assembledThe Math(s) Fix: An Education Blueprint for the AI Age(orTMF短)今天扔出来给世界油墨和电子墨水。

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May 14, 2020 —The WolframAlpha Chemistry Team

Quantum Chemistry: Step-by-Step Chemistry Series

通过我们的工作方式后,chemical reactions,万博体育app怎么样structure and bonding, we close out our step-by-step chemistry series with quantum chemistry. Quantum chemistry is the application of量子力学to atoms and molecules in order to understand their properties.

Have you ever wondered why the元素周期表is structured the way it is or whychemical bonds首先形成的?对这些问题,还有更多的答案来自量子化学。manbet万博app钨|阿尔法和itsstep-by-step chemistry offeringswon’t make the wave-particle duality any less weird, but they will help you connectchemical properties到底层量子力学行为。

Thestep-by-step solutions提供逐步指南,可以被视为一个step at a time or all at once while working through a problem. Read on for example problems covering orbital diagrams, frequency and wavelength conversions, and mass-energy equivalence.

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May 8, 2020 —The WolframAlpha Chemistry Team


We’re back this week with morechemistry,探索分子结构和键合与manbet万博app钨|阿尔法和itsstep-by-step chemistry offerings. Read more onchemical reactions万博体育app怎么样从此前一周,下周我们一起为我们的最后一篇文章quantum chemistry!


To master structure- and bonding-related calculations, the step-by-step solutions provide stepwise guides that can be viewed one step at a time or all at once. Read on for example problems covering Lewis structures, oxidation numbers and orbital hybridization.

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April 30, 2020 —The WolframAlpha Chemistry Team

Chemistry Step-by-Step Solutions: Chemical Solutions

Last week, we kicked off a four-part series onmanbet万博app钨|阿尔法’s step-by-step chemistry offeringswithchemical reactions. Future posts will cover chemicalstructure and bondingalong withquantum chemistry. We continue this week with chemical solutions, another foundational component of all chemistry classes.

From the blood in your veins to the oceans covering the planet, solutions are everywhere! Understanding their chemical properties is essential to sustaining life, creating new materials and treating illness. As such, disciplines ranging from biology to material science to the health professions all must be comfortable doing solution-related computations.

To master such calculations, the step-by-step results provide stepwise guides that can be viewed one step at a time or all at once. Read on for example problems covering solute concentration, solution preparation, pKa和colligative properties.

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April 23, 2020 —The WolframAlpha Chemistry Team

Chemistry Step-by-Step Solutions: Chemical Reactions


Luckily, theStep-by-Step Solutionsfeature ofmanbet万博app钨|阿尔法has got your back! Whether you’re studying remotely or collaborating via video conferencing, Wolfram|Alpha helps you learn and apply the problem-solving frameworks for chemical word problems. The step-by-step solutions provide stepwise solution guides that can be viewed one step at a time or all at once. The guides not only hone efficient problem solving, but also facilitate digging deeper into concepts that might still be murky.

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April 21, 2020 —Rory Foulger, Instructional Designer & Technologist, Outreach & Communications

Advancing Coding Skills, Teamwork & Computational Thinking at the Wolfram Emerging Leaders Program
Computational thinkingis an increasingly relevant and important skill to develop. The ability to break down problems into their component parts, and to piece together a solution quickly and accurately, is important for a variety of careers and pursuits in the 21st century. Even more important, perhaps, is that this skill enables you to express ideas clearly enough so that even a computer can understand them.

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April 3, 2020 —丹妮尔隆美尔外联和通信,主任

Stay Connected with Wolfram Study Group Sessions, Livestreams and More

Remote work.Distance learning. Virtual events. These terms are becoming more commonplace as quarantines and stay-at-home orders continue and folks practice social distancing. While brainstorming how best to contribute to our customers around the world during these unusual times, we’ve generated a ton ofdata resources, analytics, free access to technology and much more.

However, these resources were still missing a deeper level of collaboration and interaction—the simple power of people coming together to connect, work and learn. With that in mind, here are some more group-oriented offerings to help keep you connected and in touch with one another, even in the new landscape of an almost entirely virtual world.

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April 1, 2020 —Alec Titterton, CBM Content Development Manager, European Sales

Remote Learning, Technology Resources and Opportunities for Educators

With many schools transitioning to remote learning for the remainder of the school year, educators face the challenge of maintaining the same quality of education as in-person lessons. Here’s a collection of the resources offered by Wolfram Research and others to help educators in an e‑learning environment.

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2020年3月17日 -Ishwarya Vardhani,教育合作伙伴关系管理,合作伙伴关系

Communities the world over are bracing themselves for impact from the novel coronavirus COVID-19. Many school districts in particular have already suspended sessions for several weeks to come—and understandably, parents and educators feel anxious about navigating at-home learning (among the variety of other concerns brought about by a pandemic!).


在专业方面,我在钨做什么用包括教育工作者,学生和组织合作,并与技术,以使他们的很大一部分manbet万博appthink computationally. I know of several parents with older kids who are now at home, enrolled in schools that are not completely prepared to provide online instruction. While the internet is awash with curricula, it can be a challenging task to assess the quality, relevance and usefulness of each course, given the amount of what is out there.

For decades now at Wolfram, we’ve been committed to the creation of cutting-edge technology and resources for classrooms. Let’s take a look at our wealth of free online resources for quality education while at home.

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2020年3月12日 -丹妮尔隆美尔外联和通信,主任

Given the current discussion of quarantines, sick leave and controlling community outbreaks, many people around the world have been prompted to wonder “Can my business run with a remote workforce?” or “Can my students learn and be productive without coming into the classroom?” The answer, we’ve found, is yes—and we’ve got decades of experience as a largely remote company to guide you, your school, government lab, university or company as you make the understandably challenging transition to working remotely.

Remote Work, Remote Learning: Battle Tested with Wolfram

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