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化学一步一步的解决方案s: Chemical Solutions

上周,我们启动了一个由四部分组成的系列manbet万博app沃尔弗拉姆| Alpha的一步一步的化学产品with化学反应。Future posts will cover chemicalstructure and bonding随着quantum chemistry。We continue this week with chemical solutions, another foundational component of all chemistry classes.




Analysis of chemical solutions begins with determining the concentration of the components in said solution. Step-by-step results are available for computing the量分数质量分数一个ndmolality, 此外克分子浓度。In all cases, a general framework for solving these concentration problems is provided via the Plan step. Details of which formula to use and how to compute the necessary information are highlighted.

Example Problem



For this problem, enter “克分子浓度of 0.133 mol sucrose in 355 mL water”.


Solution Preparation

世界各地的化学实验室生成每天所需浓度的溶液。万博体育app怎么样一步一步的结果都可以通过使用准备的解决方案万博体育app怎么样stock solutions of higher concentration稀释式或者使用摩尔浓度的定义。In both cases, a general framework for solving these types of problems is provided via the Plan step. Details of which formula to use and how to compute the necessary information are highlighted.

Example Problem

多少毫升浓HCl都需要做出一个2.00 1M HCl溶液的250mL的?


To find out how many milliliters you need, enter “从浓HCl制备250毫升的2.00M的HCl的”因为钨|阿尔法manbet万博app知道浓盐酸的摩尔浓度。



Understanding how tightly a质子is bound to another atom is central to understanding and predicting chemical reactions involving acids and bases. The experimental value containing this information is the acidity constant,ķ一个。Acidity constants can span many orders of magnitude, so it is easier to look at the pķ一个值。该pķ一个calculator提供P的容易相互转化ķ一个和一个cidity constant.

Example Problem

Hydrocyanic acid一个cidity constant valueof 6.2×10–10。What is the corresponding pķ一个值?


计算器可以直接已知信息ly via “pķ一个ķ一个=6.2×10^-10”.


该physical properties of a solution differ from the physical properties of the pure solute and solvent composing a solution. Solution properties that primarily depend on the number of solute particles rather than the chemical nature of those particles are known as colligative properties. Step-by-step results are available to compute沸点升高一个nd冰点洼地随着the面包车“吨霍夫因子employed in all colligative property formulas.

Example Problem

What is the boiling point of a 0.33 m solution containing a nonvolatile solute intolueneķb= 3.4ķ千克/摩尔), assuming ideal solution behavior?


该necessary calculator can be fed known information directly via “沸点升高米= 0.33质量摩尔浓度,I = 1,KB = 3.4ķ千克/摩尔”.


Test your chemical solution problem-solving skills by using theWolfram|Alpha描述的工具来解决这些问题的话。答案将在本系列的下一篇博客中提供。

  1. 一个良好的比例为老式的冰淇淋制造商使用的盐浴是五杯冰一杯盐。什么是所得到的混合物的质量分数?
  2. 什么是乙二醇的一个解决方案的摩尔浓度,在-5.00℃下冻结?

Answers to Last Week’s Challenge Problems

Here are the answers to上周的挑战性问题on chemical reactions.

1. Compute the molecular mass of acetaminophen. Is the element with the largest atom count also the element with the largest mass percent?

One might be tempted to do two Wolfram|Alpha queries, unless you recall that the atom count and molecular mass are computed during a mass composition calculation.




Similar to the first problem, one might first think it is necessary to submit multiple Wolfram|Alpha queries. But in fact, both answers can be computed at once. Note that Wolfram|Alpha figures out the chemical formulas, does the chemical conversions and balances the chemical equation automatically.

该limiting reagent is oxygen and the theoretical yield of the product is 11.36 grams.

phosphorus pentoxide"" title=""stoichiometry 24.8 g white phosphorus + 0.200 mol oxygen -> phosphorus pentoxide"" width="620" height="2056" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-64737">

See you next week, when we continue withstructure and bonding。If you have suggestions for other step-by-step content (in chemistry or other subjects), please let us know! You can reach us by leaving a comment below or sending in feedback at the bottom of any Wolfram|Alpha query page.

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