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今天公布:The Math(s) Fix

June 10, 2020 —Conrad Wolfram, Strategic Director, European CEO/Cofounder, Wolfram Research

manbet万博app沃尔夫勒姆研究has always believed in the power of computation to deliver better decisions. But there are two sides to achieving this: not only the best computational technology but also the best education for computational thinking.

After more than 15 years of conceptualising the idea, 10 years of build-out and 2 years of writing and editing, I have assembledThe Math(s) Fix: An Education Blueprint for the AI Age(orTMF短)今天扔出来给世界油墨和电子墨水。

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So what have I done? Propose a fundamentally new core computational subject at school with a changed assumption: computers exist and students should use them. Not just use them for remote learning or improved pedagogy but for the subject they were born out of and have rocket-boosted. Real-world maths is computer based—calculations not done by humans but by computers—but our school curricula are not. Very different.


The Math(s) Fixpreface

The Math(s) Fix唯一性地映射出视觉,解决方案以及如何做出改变移动到这一新的现实,一个新的现实,教育的迅速包围AI时代的要求或我们人类会被淘汰出局。我们不希望无处不在的电脑变得无所不能;相反,我们要负责的,计算识字全社会,像社会已经如此成功地成为有文化(阅读和写作)。

I did not want to write a dry book for maths aficionados. I set out to write an engaging and accessible book, a book for everyone to understand what’s needed, why, how—and as I put it “What the hell’s the point of learning this?”. Peppered with the serious hard stuff are anecdotes, my educational failures and how my daughter’s fared. Then the objections—arguing against my positions with what I’m confronted with. I think real maths and computation go across much of what we do in life these days so I have gone broadly through topics that are or should be related too. How management, law and medicine relate. What I’ve learnt about the politics of education in different countries. Why the educational ecosystem has become so stuck.

Fixing maths is urgent. I want to seed this change not just by complaining about what’s gone wrong but offering up a solution. Urgent doesn’t mean easy or fast. It’s neither. But with everyone’s collective efforts we can get this done… just like we achieved close-to-universal education and literacy in decades gone by.

The Math(s) Fix可以是用于这个关键变化的催化剂。越是谁看到什么是真正的世界数学是一回事,它如何能够帮助他们,我们需要做的就是在那里,对我们所有的美好在很多方面的内容:决策,成就,公平。这本书可以启发大家什么是错的,所以我们可以作出正确选择。


Alongside the book, we are launching our campaign today: “数学解决竞选核心计算咕咕叫iculum Change”或MFC5for short. Please add your name, add your voice and support this if you agree.


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