Structure and Bonding: Step-by-Step Chemistry Series

2020年5月8日 -该Wolmanbet万博appframAlpha的化学团队

Structure and Bonding: Step-by-Step Chemistry Series

我们回到这个星期更化学,to explore molecular structure and bonding withWolfram|Alpha一步一步化学产品。阅读更多关于化学反应and万博体育app怎么样from previous weeks, and join us next week for our final installment on量子化学

Structure and bonding in chemistry refer to where the atoms in a molecule are and what holds those atoms together. Molecules are held together by chemical bonds between the atoms comprising the molecule. Understanding the interplay between molecular structure and the electrons involved in bonding is what facilitates the design of new molecules, the control of chemical reactions and a better understanding of the molecules around us.

到主结构 - 和结合相关的计算中,一步一步解决方案提供了可以被视为一次一个步骤或全部一次逐步指南。万博体育app怎么样阅读关于覆盖刘易斯结构,氧化数和轨道杂交例子问题。


Molecular species are not visible to the naked eye, so being able to represent them in apictoral form是交流化学品信息的基础。其中最常见的描写是刘易斯结构。The step-by-step solution (在2013年推出)引导你通过计数价电子,并分配到各原子和确定键的所需数量。


What is the Lewis structure of二氧化氮,NO2


In this case, you can simply enter your query, “What is the Lewis structure of NO2”.

&ldqup;What is the Lewis structure of NO2”


Redox reactionsare a huge class of chemical reactions involving the reduction of one reactant and the oxidation of another. In order to identify the reducing and oxidizing agents, the氧化数一种用于在化合物的每个元素必须计算。步骤一步的溶液引导你通过分区键电子,占每个元素的电负性。


Assign oxidation numbers to all of the elements inNa2所以4


对于这类问题,你可以问“Na2SO4 oxidation numbers”.


Orbital Hybridization

类似的能源和相同的对称原子轨道可以混合形成hybrid orbitals。这些杂化轨道直接影响在分子中的原子的三维排列。步骤一步溶液说明如何确定从结构图和立体数字轨道杂化。


What is the hybridization on each atom in琥珀酰基


Finding the hybridization is easy when you enter “琥珀酰基杂交”.



Test your problem-solving skills by using the Wolfram|Alpha tools described to solve these word problems on structure and bonding. Answers will be provided in the next blog post in this series.

  1. 什么是氢在氢化铝锂的氧化态?
  2. 什么是在SF中心原子的轨道杂化6

Answers to Last Week’s Challenge Problems

这里有答案上周的挑战性问题on chemical solutions.

1. A good ratio for the salt bath used in old-fashioned ice-cream makers is five cups ice to one cup salt. What is the mass fraction of the resulting mixture?

体积与质量的转换需要在两个单独的钨做| Alpha的查询。manbet万博app


“convert one cup salt to mass”


“mass fraction 511 g salt in 1.084 kg ice”





“冰点降低KF = 3.11ķ千克/摩尔,I = 1,TF = -5℃”

Join us next week for our final installment on量子化学。And as always, if you have suggestions for other step-by-step content (in chemistry or other subjects), please let us know! You can reach us by leaving a comment below or sending in feedback at the bottom of any Wolfram|Alpha query page.

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